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1968 Gibson ES 335 Burgundy Mist


Mondo MOJO!   How often do you see one of these?  100% Gibson ES 335 in the rarest of custom order finishes Burgundy Mist.  This one has a lot of finish checking and where the wear is turned a rainbow of colors.  Green,  silver,  black, gold,  grey, and blue. Looks very cool.  Original finish looks like it may have a little overspray on the back.  Probably the previous owners attempt to stabilize the finish as it started aging.  Looks like this guitar has many stories to tell.  It is in great shape for a 40 year old guitar.  Kalamazoo made with original orange label.  Very thin neck is only 1 9/16 at the nut.  Gibson only did that for a couple of years. Guitar plays very well and the pickups sound fantastic.  Very light for a 335 at only 7lb 13.5 oz.  Perfect for many kinds of music including jazz, blues, and rock.  But REALLY good for blues.   Pre 1970 Gibsons are going through the roof.  It is easy to see why.  Still cheaper than a new Custom Shop that could not touch the quality of this guitar.  Fantastic investment guitar on top of all the other obvious options this 335 has.  Really cool 335s are hard to find.  Have you ever seen one this cool?  Real blues mojo.  Larry Carlton's favorite guitar is the 1968 ES 335.  His nickname is Mr. 335.  he swears the 1968 was the best year for 335s.  Recently Gibson has reissued the 1968 ES 335 Larry Carlton signature model.  This guitar is not a reissue but a REAL 1968.  The rare custom color puts this one right over the top.  I had my guitar tech do a complete refret with new nut.  SUPER job.  This guitar is ready for another 40 years.  It plays fantastic.  Wonderful intonation.  Loud clear harmonics.  Total joy to play.

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Comes with original Ess&Ess case that is fully functional but in rough condition.

1984 Custom Shop Special Edition ES 335 Dot reissue flame top and back.

1985 ES 335 Special Edition in super rare Ferrari Red.

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