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1970 Gibson ES 150 D

Gibson es-150 DC ( 1969-1975 )

The Gibson ES 150 DC was introduced in 1969 , the guitar was an arch top double rounded cutaway , had two humbuckers , multi bound body , most fingerboards had block inlays , 4 knobs plus a master volume , and were made in cherry , natural , or walnut finishes

The following description is taken from the 1970 Gibson catalogue:

ES-150DC - Double Cutaway.  This popularly priced addition tot eh Gibson line is a real show stopper.  The hollow body arch top guitar features and exclusive double Venetian cutaway design that contributes to ease playability.

FEATURES:  Body,  rims,  and back constructed of fine maple with white pearloid binding on back and top.  Handsome rosewood fingerboard with miniature block pearloid inlays.  Adjustable truss rod.  Mother-of-pearl inlaid peghead,  and chrome plated machine heads.  Adjustable chrome plated Tune-O-Matic bridge.  Twin humbucking pickups with individual volume and treble controls.  Toggle switch.  master volume control.  19 1/4" long,  15 7/8" wide,  3" deep,  scale length 24 3/4" body joins neck at 19th fret.  22 frets.

Almost like a ES 335 with the dimensions 19" long,  16" wide,  1 3/4" deep.

George Gruhn wrote in Guitar Player Magazine/Rare Bird Column January 1993 about the ES-150DC

From 1969 to 1975 Gibson only made 2,427 of these guitars.   The biggest year of production was 1973 when Gibson records indicate 285 Walnut finished ES-150D s were made.   The only double cutaway true hollow body Gibson ever made with humbuckers.  

 So less than 285 of this year and color were ever made.  Very light weight at well under 7 pounds.  6 lb 11.5 oz to be exact.  Case weighs over 10 pounds.


Just about as rare as they come.  The 1970 Gibson ES 150 is like the ES 335 but with a 3" thick true hollow body. Serial number 7781XX with no neck volute makes this a very early 1970 with 1969 attributes.  100% original and in fantastic like new condition.  Hardly a mark on it.  The walnut finish was very popular 37 years ago.   The acoustic properties of this guitar are unbelievable.  The original Patent Number pickups are pure heaven.  Talk about a great jazz box.  Perfect for that Chet Atkins instrumental.  Very rare.  Very cool.  Time capsule.  Original case also looks like new but seems to have a replacement handle and missing one foot.

Click on the pic below for inside photo close ups.

Click on the pic below for outside photo close ups.


$6,500 with OHSC


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