1972 Les Paul Deluxe with factory Grover Tuners 


Click on the pic below for close up.

  Photo taken indoors with flash to show color under artificial light.


100% original and in great condition for a 35+ year old rocker.  VERY RARE factory Grover tuners make it even better!  This guitar is a 8.5 out of 10 at least.  Very shiny.  Fast accurate low action no buzz comfortable neck.  Very little fret wear.  The abalone inlayed fret markers are jewel like.  Medium/small neck is extremely comfortable.  Low action with no buzzing.  Plays like a 35 year old Gibson.  9lb 12.5oz of tone heaven.

Even the back of this thing is beautiful.  Remember when Gibson made the backs of guitars pretty?

It has the volute on the back of the neck/head stock but no Made In USA stamp.  The serial number is 773XXX.  On the Gibson.com website that would make it 1970-1972.  The one pot code we can read is 1377251.  Gibson started using the Made in USA stamp in 1970,  but the pot date to 1972.  Check out the factory Patent Pending Grover tuners.  How rare is that?

http://www.gibson.com/Files/downloads/bluebook/GibsonSERIALNUMBERS.pdf Go to this link to decide for yourself.

Original case missing two latches is included.


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