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1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom

WOW.  What a guitar!  100% original (other than a great fret job,  nut,  and strap locks) 1972 Les Paul Custom black Beauty. Very good original condition.  A few small dings and a little finish checking is all. This has the original Patent Number sticker pickups with the Gibson logo on the pickup coversFactory Gotoh tuners look very cool.  Must see it to believe it.  10 lb 5 oz of super tone.  Smallest thinnest neck I ever saw on a Les Paul.  Super low action with no buzzing.    Monster sound that is very bell like and rich.   Everyone remarks on how great this one sounds.  My current number one Les Paul.  Because of the small neck and the Gotoh tuners; I suspect this was a custom order guitar..  Pancake body with mahogany neck really plays well.  Kalamazoo quality all the way on this one.  Fantastic fit on the inlays and binding.  This guitar through my JTM-45 and 100w 4X12 cabinet sounds phenomenal.    Very special sustain properties that is very hard to find.  The fret job is a big improvement to the original fretless wonder frets.  The thin neck is also very rare on a Les Paul Custom.

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