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1974 Gibson SG Standard with Gibson Tremolo  One owner. f martin


WOW!  100% original one owner 33 year old rock machine with factory Gibson version of the Bigsby tremolo!  Vintage Guitar Blue Book says that only 260 of these were ever made.  This guitar did not get played much and is in excellent plus condition.  Few small dings here and there.   Does not show it's age. The Cherry Red finish is still red!  The rosewood fret board is still rosy!  Don't see these much any more.  This one has it all. This one has a medium neck that feels a bit larger than the ultra thin necks of most of my SGs.  Gibson only made 260 SGs between 1972 and 1986 with tremolos.  Here is another one I have.


Click on the picture below for close up photos.

Very heavy duty non original case pictured included.  Original owner claimed it came with the guitar when it was new.  Looks like the same heavy duty latches on some of my other Gibson cases,  but this one has no logo.

$4,200 with the case.

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