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1980 USA Gibson SG Standard in Rare Polaris White

Very rare Polaris White that has aged to banana yellow over the last twenty seven years.  Hard to find one without a headstock repair this old.  Much less this color.  100% original down to the solder.  Unusual combination of factory pickups include a neck pickup that is a Gibson super 70's with the black epoxy backing which was used in a lot of late 1970's Gibson explorers. The bridge pickup is a stamped patent # T top which came in most late 70's early 80's guitars. Both of these pickups are some of Gibsons better pickups and sound very good   Very light at only 7.1 lbs. 

 This guitar shows signs of being played a lot over the past three decades.  No abuse or repairs.

Click on the pic below for close ups taken indoors.


Click on the pic below for close ups taken outside in the sun.

Perfect player with great low Gibson action with no buzzing.  Sounds wonderful. This SG has the input jack on the side of the body instead of on the front like the new guitars do.  This thing plays GREAT!

$3,450 with newer Gibson case.

Thank You

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