Quality does not come cheap.  Feel free to make an offer.  Low ball offers are considered insulting and will not be answered.

These guitars are selected to be the best of the best.  Much better than ANYTHING new because these guitars have been broken in for about twenty years!  All have a nitro finish that has aged to perfection.  All are ready for the stage.  These will only go up in value and are great investments.  Every guitar has been gone over top to bottom and are as near perfect as possible in every way.  Awesome works of art.

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Fender USA Stratocaster Vintage '57 and '62 reissues

 1987 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue Stratocaster Olympic White nitro12-23-86 USA Fender Vintage '57 Reissue Stratocaster in custom color Olympic White1982 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue in custom color Olympic White

1986 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue in custom color Black1988 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue Stratocaster SUPER RARE black over fiesta red!1988 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Sun burst nitro finish1982 Fullerton '57 reissue Fender Stratocaster with ultra rare red bobbin pickups.  100% original.  Natural relic.

1983 Fullerton Fender Stratocaster Vintage '62 reissue Fiesta Red over Sunburst finish.  RARE RARE RARE!!!1986 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue in rare Fiesta Red Nitro!1989 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue in rare Ocean Turquoise1987 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster in rare Lake Placid Blue nitro

1986 Sea Foam Green USA Vintage '57 reissue Fender Stratocaster1989 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster in ULTRA rare Sonic Blue1984 Fender USA Vintage '57 Fullerton Reissue Stratocaster in Custom Color Black.  Not 100% original.1983 USA Fender Vintage '57 Reissue Stratocaster.  Fullerton.  100% original fantastic guitar.1983 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue in custom color black.  V00XXXX!

Fender USA Telecasters

13 Sept 1982 Fender USA Vintage '52 reissue Telecaster1982 USA Fender Vintage '52 reissue Telecaster FULLERTON!1968 Telecaster (NOT A REISSUE)13 September 1982 Fullerton Telecaster 52 reissue #2

1978 Fender Telecaster in custom color black1982 USA Fender Vintage '52 reissue Telecaster natural relic.  Very early model.1982 USA Vintage '52 Telecaster in near new condition.  Fullerton.

USA Gibson SG Standards and Custom

1976 Gibson SG Deluxe in rare tobaccoburst finish.  Super player.1975 Gibson SG Standard in rare Tobacco burst one owner1977 Gibson SG Standard Deluxe with rare factory double pickguards1980 Gibson SG in rare Polaris White.  Only 7 pounds!

1972 Gibson SG Natural finish1974 Gibson SG Custom with factory stop tail piece.1974 USA Gibson SG with Gibson version of the Bigsby tremolo.  One owner.1972 Gibson SG Standard with Gibson logo large pickups and Gibson Bigsby trem.  Factory Grover tuners.1972 SG Standard with factory Grover tuners

1976-1977 Gibson SG Standard Walnut excellent condition.1970 Gibson SG Standard.  100% original.  Good condition.  Very thin neck plays like butter.  Pickups are very strong.1971 Gibson SG Standard.  100% original.  Beautiful condition.  Still cherry red.1979 Gibson SG in custom color Polaris White.  One owner. Fantastic condition.  Tim Shaws.1978 Gibson SG Standard in custom color Polaris White with factory Grover tuners.

USA Gibson Les Paul Standard, Classic, Deluxe, Custom, and Pro

1970-1972 Les Paul Deluxe with factory Grover Tuners1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard Tobacco brown burst, ink stamped patent number humbuckers, refret.1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top Natural Relic1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard tobacco burst

1979 Les Paul Standard Ebony Black NICE NICE NICE!1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom with T-Top humbuckers1977 Gibson Les Paul Pro with P-90s  100% original1976 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst 100% original and in fantastic condition.1985 Les Paul Custom Ferrari Red1972 Les Paul Custom black Beauty1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard Candy Apple Red with crank tuners and Tim Shaw humbuckers.


Gibson Flying V

1999 Gibson Flying V Hard Rock Cafe promotional with original strings.  Played one time.1985 Gibson Flying V in custom color red.  Excellent condition.


USA Gibson ES 335,  ES 150,  ES 347

1984 Gibson Special Edition ES 335 Custom Shop dot '59 reissue. NOS1985 Gibson ES 335 '59 reissue Dot neck in near mint condition1968 ES 335 in rare custom color Burgundy Mist1970 Gibson ES 150 Deluxe 100% original like new condition1979 Gibson ES 347 TD in custom color black


Fender USA Vintage '57 and '62 reissue Precision Bass and Jazz Bass Guitars


1982 Fullerton Fender Percision Bass in Candy Apple Red over sunburst.  100% original.V0064XX USA 1986 '62 Jazz Bass1987 USA Fender Vintage '57 Precision Bass in Fiesta Red1982 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Precision Bass  FULLERTON!


Acoustic Guitars

1931 Martin 0-17 in SUPER rough condition1967 Martin D 35 Brazilian rosewood.1983 Gibson J45 Prototype in mint unplayed condition.    




Here are some of the guitars that have found new homes :

1988 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster in custom color Olympic White (turned yellow)1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage 80 Elite.  One owner.1989 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue in coustom color Olympic White1983 Gibson Flying V in custom color black.  Natural Relic!1986 SG Standard Gibson with rare side input.  Celebrity owned.1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard Tobacco brown burst, ink stamped patent number humbuckers, refret.1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe made in Kalamazoo, MI

1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard tobacco burst with Tim Shaw humbuckers!1982 Candy Apple Red Les Paul Standard with crank tuners100% original 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and Tim Shaw humbuckers1984 SG Deluxe Ebony Black with rare side inputCustm made replica 1953 Telecaster.  SUPER AXE!1978 USA Gibson SG 100% original in excellent condition.  Still bright cherry red!1984 USA Fender Vintage '52 reissue Telecaster FULLERTON SOLD1980 Gibson SG Standard Polaris White with rare side input.CLICK FOR CLOSE UP1982 USA Gibson SG Standard with factory Tim Shaw humbuckers.  Very special SG.1982 USA Fender vintage '57 reissue Precision Bass1983 USA Fender Precision Bass1981 Gibson SG Ebony Black with rare side input10 May 1982 USA Fender Vintage '52 reissue Fullerton Telecaster1985 Les Paul Custom in custom color Ferarri Red

January 1991 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster in Rare Olypic White  SOLDJune 2, 1982 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster1989 Lake Placid Blue over Sunburst Vintage '62 Reissue Stratocaster.  SOLD12 - 23 - 83 Fullerton USA Fender vintage '62 reissue Stratocaster SOLD1982 USA Fender Fullerton Vintage '52 Reissue Telecastere.  SOLD.8-6-82 USA Fender "Fullerton" Vintage '57 reissue StratocasterSOLD1985 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue Statocaster in Candy Apple Red SOLD9-20-88 USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue Jazz Bass  SOLD SOLD1988 USA Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster in custom color Black1979 Gibson SG Standard Tobacco brown burst, factory Grover tuners.  One owner.Replica 1953 Fender Telecaster relic.  All top of the line components SOLD

USA Fender Vintage '57 Reissue Precision Bass  SOLD1986 USA Fender Vintage '57 Reissue StratocasterMint condition 1984 USA Fender Fullerton Vintage '57 Reissue.  100% original guitar.1-25-88 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster  SOLDBill Nash 1953 Vintage telecaster Replica  SOLDUSA GUILD G-30 Spruce top Flame Maple back and sides like new! SOLD 25 June 2007 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with rare chrome hardware.  Rock machine.1993 USA Fender Vintage '52 Telecaster with old set of Van Zandt pickups  SOLDSOLD  Hank Marvin replica 1958 Stratocaster with maple cap neck1986 USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster in Sea Foam Green SOLD1987 One owner USA Fender Vintage '62 reissue. NITRO!13 April 1988 USA Vintage '62 Stratocaster custom color black over sonic blue?  SOLD

In my constant search for the perfect guitar I end up with duplicates that I sell to my students.  These guitars are the result of many years of researching and defining what makes the guitar great.  There are so many factors to consider.  My students can roll the dice and see what they can find on their own,  or get a guitar that I consider very worthy.  All hand picked to be top of the line guitars.  All guitars have investment potential, play great,  sound great, look great and make you sound better than you are.   The price of the guitar is justified because of the great investment potential and the amount of time involved in finding examples like the ones here.   These guitars are going up in value at an incredible rate.  Investors and collectors realize this and are hoarding this type of guitar.  It is MUCH harder to find examples like this today than it was last year.  Every guitar gets a complete professional set up.  Each one of these guitars are very special.  If they make me happy,  they will make you happy too.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!  After you receive the guitar you have 24 hrs to check it out and return for any reason.  If the guitar is returned in the same condition it left here you will get a full refund minus shipping.



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